2016-01-28 Thursday

前天,我把自己的retina macbook pro 15的两个thunderbolt口都接上了4k的显示器,然后,显示器接上后,wifi突然不可用了,表现形式为,wifi符号显示已经连接上,然而,无论如何都上不了网,访问任何网站都是time out错误,如果把其中一个显示器断开的话,就可以上网了。



标题写的是“My wifi drops when I plug in an external monitor through the thunderbolt port”。


GuzaJul 9, 2014 8:25 AM in response to raysian24

If hooking up a thunderbolt output for a display and your wifi stops working try the following.

If your using an apple airport express go to the finder.

1. Type in airport, then open airport utility.

2. Click on Base Station.

3. Click Edit.

4. Click Wireless.

5. Open Wireless Options tab.

6. Where you see the 2.4GHz Channel listed change it to 4.

7. where you see 5GHz Channel Change it to 149

8. Click save and apply.


That should do the trick.